Rules for Discernment of Spirits

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Star of the Sea, pray for us

The “La Bruna” Carmelite icon, 12th century

Is in the Basilica of Carmine Maggiore in Naples, Italy.

Like a Drop of Water (Isaiah 45:22)

Like water falling on a sea sponge
Touching with quiet sound.
God’s love and peace fill our soul,
Life in abundance is found,
Life in abundance is found.

Like water falling in quiet flow
Streams of God’s life come into our soul;
Flowing so deeply, penetrating through,
God’s life makes us anew,
God’s life makes us anew.

The Angels of God Sweetly come in,
They come with God’s peace
For hearts turned toward Him.

Like water dropping on a hard stone,
Touching with noisy sound;
Temptation comes – answer with prayer,
God’s love is all around,
God’s love is all around.

When sadness comes,Confusion and doubt,
Don’t keep it hidden, hidden within.
Choose someone wisely
To share your thoughts;
Then sweet peace can come in,
Then sweet peace can come in.(Refrain)

When you are strong
With the strength of the Lord
The enemy is weak and cowardly,
Timid and fearful, running away.
Stand strong in the Lord Jesus,
Stand strong in the Lord Jesus.

When you stand firm in God’s strength,
Face your temptations with courage,
No one can harm you,
no need to fear,
God’s strong angels are near,
God’s strong angels are near. (Refrain)

Copyright © 1994 Patricia Hain:  Based on the discernment parables of St. Ignatius of Loyola, The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, #315, #319, #325, #326, #335 Louis J. Puhl, S.J. translator, Loyola University Press.
Sung by the Hain Family

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